E-mail to the Headmaster

Dear Headmaster;

I am the president of the generation 2019 and I am representing them writing this e-mail to tell you about a big problem that has been worried me and It is affecting not only my generation, also is affecting all the students from our school. The problem is that all the days we get home too late and when we arrive home we don’t have time to play what we want and also we don’t have time to be with our parents, brothers and sisters because when we arrive home we have to do our homework and then we have to dinner and sleep.

I feel that children of today are making a big effort in school and in their houses and they don’t have time to relax them selves, so I want to persuade you to shorter the time of aperture some days of the school get home on those days at 1:45 pm, so we can lunch with our families. Also I want to organise more outdoor activities during class to relax students, motivate them to do sport and to make them to think not only in studies. I am sure that with this change all students will appreciate more the school and will be more happy to get home early. This is not only affecting children, but also it is affecting adults who work extended hours in their jobs, so they arrive home weary and they can’t have time yo be with their children. Last week I heard a case of a little boy from 5º grade who only sees his father a few minutes in the night because his father works from 12 am to 8 pm so when his father gets home, he is sleeping.

Also I am writing this e-mail to tell something that worries me and I want to solve before an accident will occurred. During breaks students of different ages play rough games that put in risk the health of the students from ours school. In this games students hurt each other with with kicks and punches. I think that this will be solve putting cameras in each hall to recognise which students are playing these games, also you can ask for more teachers to watch theirs students during the break. I have been talking  with some parents and the majority thinks the same, and also every one in my school will be playing during break sure and happy.

I hope that you will think about my request.

Yours Faithfully

Martin Kokaly 8ºB


Crime description

Criminal description

Type of crime: Abducted, tortured and murdered.


Robert Thompson and Jon Venables
Birth: August 23,1982 and August 13,1982.
Location: Liverpool, Merseyside, England.
Method of murder: Beating   with bricks, stones, and a piece of metal.
Status:Sentenced to custody until the age of 18.
Reason of the crime: for fun.
How they were caught: CCTV evidence from the New Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle taken on 12 February 1993 showed Thompson and Venables casually observing children, apparently selecting a target.
Description of physical and psychological elements:They were two little boy from Liverpool. Robert was a tall boy that had a very sad chilhood. He also played in the fotball team from his city. He had good marks at school but his clasmates said that he was a little crazy boy.
Jon was also a tall boy. He never seems like a murder. He was a normal boy that had goods marks at school.

Victim: James Patrick Bulger   who was abducted, tortured and murdered by two 10-year-old boys.
Birth:16 March 1990
Location:Kirkby, Merseyside, England
Parent’s:Ralph Stephen Bulger and Denise Bulger.

Matt Murdock
Birth: June 16, 1968.
Traces that he found at crime scenes: sweets, a troll doll, some batteries and a can of blue paint.
How they caught the criminals:he saw the CCTV evidence from the New Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle taken on 12 February 1993 showed Thompson and Venables casually observing children, apparently selecting a target.

Crime description
This crime was committed in a forest near Liverpool, at the estimated date of February 12 to February 18 of 1993; the crimes committed were: rape,murder and torture.The names of the murderers are Jon Venables and Robert Thompson,the events occurred in this order that we know
1. The kids kidnapped the victim at the mall
2. The kids take the victim to the forest
3.the kids murder the victim
4. The kids left the body in the train tracks

James Patrick Bulger Crime Dialog

June 10th, 2015

Vicente Gonzalez as Jon Venables                                                                                                   Nicolás Völker as Det. Matt Murdock                                                                                                                                          Martin Kokaly as Robert Thomson 

(Detective enters the room)                                                                                                                

Det: Hello boys, how are you?                                                                                                            

J and R: Hello detective.                                                                                                                  

Det: So first of all I want you to look at this picture.                                                                        

J and R: Ok.                                                                                                                                      

Det: So, is that you in the picture Jon?

J: (speaks nervously) No!

Det: Ok, is that you making him company Robert?

R: Of course not, I have never seen these people in my life!!

Det: All right, so you are denying it?

( at the same time) J: Yes! R: No!!

Det: Ok, this is what we are going to do, first you are going to tell me reason to killing James!!

J and R: WHAT?!


J: (speaks shyfully) Because we were bored, obviously.

Det: Was that really the motive?

R: No, it was because we need distraction from our lives at home. Our parents aren’t together anymore and we can’t bear it.

Det: But that is not an excuse to kill an innocent boy!

J: We know and we’ve regretted it ever since and we are really sorry.

Det: That’s not true!

R: It is!

Det: No, before, in this interview you sayed that it was because you were bored

R: I’m sorry detective

J: I’m sorry too (starts laughing)


J: Because I remember how he was screaming, remember that rob?

R: Yes that was so funny!

( Both laugh)

Det: (Murmurs) I cant wait to put these two behind bars

J: What!

Det: Nothing, keep going

R: Well we took him to the forest

J: For a walk yes. We punched and cut him.

Det: Thats horrible!

R: No it isn’t, it was fun!

J: It was a laugh, but I still wish we weren’t here

Det: Well your lives are going to be different from now on

J and R: How different?

Det: You will be in custody for the next 7 years till your old untill you are old enough to go to prison

Det: Guards take them away!!

J: No, no its a mistake!

R: We didn’t do anything, It’s not fair!

N: Stop, do you have anything else to say?

J and R: Yes!

J and R: We might have also left him in the train line

R: So if you want to find the body

Part 2

Det: Were is he

J and R: Over there behind that tall tree.


James Patrick Bulger

Diary entry: A bloody post!


Dear diary,

I had been hunting at last days in the city of Springfield. Yesterday I woke up in the night very hungry, so I decided to go hunt. My first victim was a little dog that was asleep between two trees with his mother and they brothers, when I approached to they, I was seen by a person. The person intent to run but my brother that was hunting there too, stopped he and killed with no reason. My mother said to me, that if a person catch someone hunting you need to punched to him and then hide it in a lost forest.

Today I ate breakfast very late, my victims of yesterday were dead in the kitchen. So I decided to drunk the leftovers of the blood that they contained. When I enter in the room, I had surprise because one of the persons had been revived, so I chase on my department and when i catch him I killed with all my strength. I only kill persons that had no family and friends. Today my brother was arrested by the police, so he need my help.


Informal letter

Valonia 225, Jardin del Mar
March 23,2015

Dear Johnny Banana,

How is your mother? I hope she is find. My mother told me about your mom’s car accident. Are you gonna buy a new car or the car security will respond?

Thanks for invited to me to your house next Saturday, I will like to go but I can’t make it. My family don’t like to travel to Argentina because it is far and my brother is ill. My mother star working on my father’s work. Also the here is a football match at school next Saturday and I really don’t want to miss it.

Guess what? I will go to the cinema to see the new movie Insurgent today with all my family and a friend. After to see the movie I will buy the book to compare it with the movie. I will tell you which one is better.

Have you see the rugby match on Saturday? It was fantastic. The final was France vs Argentina, the match very closely but France won the cup. France’s people will be so happy.

Finally Johnny, I would like to wish you the best in your studies at school. I have a test on Tuesday about passive and active voice . I like to invited to my house on summer,here we can play and go to the beach.

Write back soon!!!


PS: Send greetings to all your family and in especial your dog.